About Me

Hey there

Appreciate you stopping by!

Till this day I’ve had a hard time describing myself because the answer really depends on where I am and who’s asking, but a common answer I give is that I’m a project manager turned marketing tech guy.

So how did I get here? Well, let me tell you..

Early years

Though I was born in Taipei Taiwan, I moved over to the US when I was just 4 years old. My dad was always a business owner so it made sense he would want to move to the land of opportunity and pursue his American dream.

We ended up in a small town called Richmond Indiana where he ran a Chinese American restaurant for over 30 years. Only recently did he finally pack up that place and move.

Fast forward to 1995 and which was the year that we immigrated over to Beautiful British Columbia Canada. Since then I’ve pretty much lived in the pacific northwest only having moved around a few times.

Starting my “Career”

By the the time I graduated college I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. Having a 2.4 GPA certainly didn’t help and I didn’t even know what an internship was so I was basically stuck with a piece of paper and no job prospect.

Back then it wasn’t like it was today where you could practically learn everything online and get an entry level job within a few weeks from scratch.

My degree, on the other hand, was completely useless. It was only by chance that a good friend of mine offered me my first job selling cell phones for a carrier called Fido.

It wasn’t long after starting that job that the same friend suggested that I should apply to Electronic Arts because I used to play a lot of video games when I was in high school. (Yes, reflecting back, I really do owe a lot to my buddy).

I applied and sure enough I finally got a “real” job. It paid a whopping $10.50 per hour, but I was TESTING VIDEO GAMES. I thought I was in heaven.

Feeling the Grind

Fast forward some more, I’m now 10 years into my game industry career and I’ve worked my way up to be a Producer. This is similar to project management at most companies. I started learning how to manage large cross functional projects and working with software engineers, artists, designers and other quality assurance testers.

It was at this point where I realized I had never sat down to try to figure out what I was actually interested in doing. I simply followed the next promotion and just kept climbing the corporate ladder.

I kept having this nagging thought in the back of my mind , “is this all that life has to offer?” There must be more to life then just getting a job, raising a family and having a few vacations a year.

Time to Learn New Things

I can’t remember the actual first trigger that sparked my curiosity of the online space, but it was along the lines of making money online. Not the actual making of the money, but just the thought that you could create some online things that would generate income fascinated me. I started researching and found there were a couple of local celebrities in the online space. I started checking out their content and got super intrigued.

These personal brands (which wasn’t even a thing back then) were able to create these “sales funnels” to generate thousands of dollars from thin air. I was in awe and I wanted to learn more.

At this time I had also been introduced and joined a bunch of MLM companies just to see what it was all about. It was in these programs where I learned how sales and entrepreneurship. I was encouraged to read more and suddenly the spark became a small flame of curiosity to learn more.

Introduction to Online Marketing

It was official. I was hooked to learning about marketing. For the next 5 solid years, I would find, buy, download every resource I could find. I started following all of big players in the space, Russell Brunson, Pat Flynn, Gary V you name it, I had their podcast on my phone, I followed them on social media, bought their books and course and just consumed.

Over the next several years I continued to build my gaming career full time while learning how to support small businesses with their marketing efforts.

I quickly figured out I had a specific skill for helping translate the jargon that was used in the online space for non technical folks like myself. This would be a combination of helping them setup things like websites and sales funnels, but I wanted to go one step above that. I wanted to make sure they weren’t dependant on me to run their own business. I felt if I could learn some simple ways to get an online business going, I could teach the same to others so they can be less dependent on service providers where it made sense.

Next Steps

This website was created to be a resource to business owners to solve their common technical challenges. In time, there will be a more comprehensive plan for building out this website, but for now, it will be simple how to articles and reviews of software that I found incredibly useful throughout my 9-5 and online career.

So that’s my story. I would love to hear about how your journey is going and how I can help. You can contact me here.