[Review] Engage with Your Customers using Crisp Chat

Crafting a perfect customer experience begins with the end in mind. Customers visiting your website are there to get some sort of benefit out of their time.

When they run into problems they want to know help is just one step away and that’s where a chat box can help.

For years, chatbots have been all the hype and while they are certainly useful, nothing can beat the human touch.

Enter Crisp Chat.

Why Do I Need Live Chat?

Depending on where the customer is in their buying journey, adding live chat can be the difference between a conversion on your eCommerce site or purchase of your course.

Often when I’m shopping online, I have only one or two major objections, and had I been able to get those questions answered (ideally right on the spot), I would have purchased.

Without questions answered, customers go away and get distracted and often don’t come back.

Another popular use case for chat is simply to engage with prospects. If you’re just starting out and need to validate an idea or product, who better to speak with than directly to people who visit your website or landing page?

Getting Started on Crisp Chat

Crisp makes it incredibly easy to get signed up. Four screens and you’re done in under 5 minutes.

💡 Tip: After you sign up, your account starts on the 14-day Unlimited tier (highest) without needing to input a credit card. This plan has several useful features like Knowledge base, Campaigns, CRM and MagicBrowse.

Be sure to try out all the features during this trial.

Start by going to https://crisp.chat

On their landing page, click either Get Started or Use Crisp for Free

In Step 1, fill in your basic details

In Step 2, they ask for the Company Name and Website.

Both of these fields can be updated after you get through the setup in case you need to update it in the future.

If you provide the website URL it will pull the image from the website, but this can be overridden in the next step.

Click Continue to proceed.

For Step 3, you can customize the look of your chat box to your brand colors.

On the final page, you’ll see all of the documentation to implement the chat widget code. If you don’t have a code snippet manager, I would recommend downloading one at this time.

💡 Tip: If you are on WordPress, you do not need to install the Crisp plugin and this snippet code. Implement one or the other. I recommend the code snippet method.

I always recommend against installing plugins unless they are going to significantly help with your business or are required in order for the product to work

After you install the code on your website, open another tab and test using your website. You should see the chat bubble in the corner.

From this point on you can start chatting with your customers and the Crisp dashboard will track all of your chat threads.

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