Highlight your own custom Ai banned keyword List in Google Docs

Problem: Ai outputs a bunch of obvious ai keywords (and some not-so-obvious).

Using the instructions below, you can build your own regex so you can easily highlight a custom ai banned word set (hello “delve” – I see you) and decide if you want to edit it out.


Copy Keywords List

Modify as needed (maybe you like to keep some words in and add other ai banned words) Credit goes to Casey Keith (facebook link) for coming up with this initial list

Additionally,As an AI,last knowledge,As well as,Beacon,Bombastic,Boost,Buckle up,By the same token,Comparatively,Conclusion,Correspondingly,Demystified,Discover,Delve,Elevate,Embrace,Enhance,Equally,Ever-evolving,Explore,Finally,First,Generated by AI,Get ready,Gone are the days,Hitherto,Identically,In light of,In the sea of,Labyrinth,Leverage,Likewise,Look no further,Maximize,Navigating,Nested,Not to mention,Now lets move on,Overall,Picture this,Plethora,Realm,Remember that,Shed light,Similarly,Solace,Starting a sentence with By,Switching gears,To say nothing of,Together with,Top-notch,Treasure,Uniquely,Unleash,Unlock,Various,When it comes to,Whilst,Whimsical,addition,crucial,digital landscape,digital world,embark,essential,go deeper,important,innovative,journey,ultimate guide,unveil,transition,deep dive,dive in,ensure,optimal,assessing,strive,comprehensive,we know,we understand,testament,captivating,eager,refreshing,edge of my seat,breath of fresh air,to consider,it is important to consider,there are a few considerations,its essential to,vital,its important to note,it should be noted,to sum up,in terms of,with regard to,its worth mentioning,its interesting to note,significantly,notably,essentially,as such,therefore,thus,interestingly,in essence,noteworthy,bear in mind,its crucial to note,one might argue,its widely acknowledged,predominantly,from this perspective,in this context,this demonstrates,arguably,its common knowledge,undoubtedly,this raises the question,in a nutshell,in today's, digital age, digital era, era, age

Use Chat GPT to write a Regex

Here’s the prompt

build me a regex for google doc so I can find (control + F) and highlight all of these words:
[insert your cusotm word list here]

The output should be something similar to the output below. You may need to regenerate it a few times if it doesn’t work or just manually modify the one below.

(?:\bAdditionally\b|\bAs an AI\b|\blast knowledge\b|\bAs well as\b|\bBeacon\b|\bBombastic\b|\bBoost\b|\bBuckle up\b|\bBy the same token\b|\bComparatively\b|\bConclusion\b|\bCorrespondingly\b|\bDemystified\b|\bDiscover\b|\bElevate\b|\bEmbrace\b|\bEnhance\b|\bEqually\b|\bEver-evolving\b|\bExplore\b|\bFinally\b|\bFirst\b|\bGenerated by AI\b|\bGet ready\b|\bGone are the days\b|\bHitherto\b|\bIdentically\b|\bIn light of\b|\bIn the sea of\b|\bLeverage\b|\bLikewise\b|\bLook no further\b|\bMaximize\b|\bNavigating\b|\bNested\b|\bNot to mention\b|\bNow lets move on\b|\bOverall\b|\bPicture this\b|\bPlethora\b|\bRealm\b|\bRemember that\b|\bShed light\b|\bSimilarly\b|\bSolace\b|\bStarting a sentence with By\b|\bSwitching gears\b|\bTo say nothing of\b|\bTogether with\b|\bTop-notch\b|\bTreasure\b|\bUniquely\b|\bUnleash\b|\bUnlock\b|\bVarious\b|\bWhen it comes to\b|\bWhilst\b|\bWhimsical\b|\baddition\b|\bcrucial\b|\bdigital landscape\b|\bdigital world\b|\bembark\b|\bessential\b|\bgo deeper\b|\bimportant\b|\binnovative\b|\bjourney\b|\bultimate guide\b|\bunveil\b|\btransition\b|\bdeep dive\b|\bdive in\b|\bensure\b|\boptimal\b|\bassessing\b|\bstrive\b|\bcomprehensive\b|\bwe know\b|\bwe understand\b|\btestament\b|\bcaptivating\b|\beager\b|\brefreshing\b|\bedge of my seat\b|\bbreath of fresh air\b|\bto consider\b|\bit is important to consider\b|\bthere are a few considerations\b|\bits essential to\b|\bvital\b|\bits important to note\b|\bit should be noted\b|\bto sum up\b|\bin terms of\b|\bwith regard to\b|\bits worth mentioning\b|\bits interesting to note\b|\bsignificantly\b|\bnotably\b|\bessentially\b|\bas such\b|\btherefore\b|\bthus\b|\binterestingly\b|\bin essence\b|\bnoteworthy\b|\bbear in mind\b|\bits crucial to note\b|\bone might argue\b|\bits widely acknowledged\b|\bpredominantly\b|\bfrom this perspective\b|\bin this context\b|\bthis demonstrates\b|\barguably\b|\bits common knowledge\b|\bundoubtedly\b|\bthis raises the question\b|\bin a nutshell\b|\bin today's\b|\bdigital age\b|\bdigital era\b|\bera\b|\bage\b|\Delve\b|\Labyrinth\b)

Highlight ban words in google doc

  • open your google doc with your copy
  • command+f / control+f to open the find and replace window
  1. Paste your regex from above (see image below)
  2. Check the “use regular expression […]” option
  3. Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate

Edit your Copy

  1. The dark green highlight is the current word (see image below)
  2. type the word in this field you want to replace or click next to ignore
  3. Click Replace when ready. Do Not Replace All.

Then continue from word to word and decide if you want to replace it.

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